Spice is an Android/iPhone/iPad app that is my contribution to the fight against climate change.
The app morphed several times into its current version. In 2020, while preparing for The Subway Hike, I realized that the places I photographed, filmed, and just loved to visit were clearly being degraded by the effects of global warming. After much research I concluded that carbon offsets were a useful first start for regular folks to contribute to the fight against climate change.

As a result I updated Spice to include the Eco Card, a simple way to utilize carbon offsets. There is a whole site dedicated to this app at Spice.eco.
The basic mechanism of the Spice Eco Card is illustrated to the left. For more details visit this page.
Technical Implementation
Spice is a React Native client-server app that talks to a number of backend services. Two are custom-built services, one written in .Net Core, and another in .Net framework. Other backend services are open-source applications.
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