CJ at Zion National Park

Some historical context for you:  my first photographs were black and white, taken with a twin-lens reflex camera. My current equipment is based on the Nikon Z7 and is all in color. 
My work would generally be classified as landscape, though I do macro work as well as some studio work.
I find the adventure of getting to the place for the ideal shot is what motivates my best work.
My first work was a music video shot on Betamax. Now everything I do is either shot on a mobile phone, or on the Nikon Z7.
My production suite is all Adobe, hosted either on a Mac Mini, a Windows laptop, or an Android device or iPhone.
The first language I used was APL. Ho ho that's right! The first application I wrote was a word processor.
My last work was writing Ethereum smart contracts.
I am a guitarist, keyboardist, composer and producer. I recorded several self-produced CDs.
My favorite musicians include Down to the BoneAlex CortizKeith Jarrett, and of course Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk.
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