The Life of the Land goes on the road to Saguaro National Park in Tucson, Arizona, there to demonstrate the latest feature of the Spice Super Carbon Offset app: automatic distance tracking. CJ Villa demonstrates how Spice tracking on iPhone and iPad lets you turn on carbon offset calculation at the start of a trip, then turn it off at the end. The carbon footprint you need to offset is automatically calculated. A single tap offsets it with Spice Eco Card carbon offsets.

Presenting episode 2 of The Life of the Land, our series about climate change and you. CJ Villa replies to an audience comment asserting that since carbon dioxide is good for plants, there is no problem with the amount of CO2 we create by burning fossil fuels. CJ discusses the carbon cycle, and the impacts of the Industrial Revolution and deforestation.

Our very first episode of The Life of the Land, our series about climate change and you, discusses the size of carbon dioxide, a major component of global warming greenhouse gases. When discussing climate change, references to the weight of CO2 are common. But since CO2 is an invisible gas, it's difficult to visualize its impact. In this episode, CJ Villa demonstrates how to "see" the impact of carbon dioxide, as well as the global warming impact of the entire United States.

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