I still can't get enough of Zion! These video tours share my experiences with some of my favorite places.

This gem of a hike is somewhat "hidden" in that it is not an official trail. A moderate hike because of the rock scrambling, it is nonetheless quite short and with a great payoff of a pool and waterfalls at the end. No shuttle ride is required, and it is generally uncrowded. I walk you through the entire hike and show you my favorite way for approaching the falls.

Oh yeah this is the world-famous Subway Hike! This video covers the bottom up version starting from Left Fork North Creek trailhead in Zion National Park. CJ Villa takes you on a tour from beginning through obstacles and waters all the way to this famous site. On the way you visit Archangel Falls. CJ also provides the GPS coordinates for the dinosaur tracks, and for a spring from which you can filter drinking water. Ready to go? Don't forget to get your permit from the Zion Wilderness Desk. 

The Canyon Scenic Drive is the heart of Zion National Park in Utah. Most of the year, visitors must take a shuttle to access the drive (or take a bicycle). But during the winter months, private vehicle access is permitted. CJ Villa grabbed this opportunity to prepare for you a quick tour of the features of each shuttle stop. Some stops include short, easy hikes, whereas others lead to longer trails such as Emerald Pools and Angels Landing. CJ also introduces the off-the-shuttle-path Menu Falls.

Just to the east of the Zion-Mt Carmel Tunnel entrance, the Canyon Overlook hike is a favorite for visitors of all makes and models. CJ Villa takes you on this brief but exhilarating hike. Bring water! 

This is an excellent half-day hike in the east section of Zion National Park. CJ Villa walks you through the entire hike from bottom to top. 

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